The Ascent System is an integration of Data Management, Analysis and Presentation interface tools, tailored to your company processes and requirements

Design Management

Resource Management

Business Intelligence

Time Location Chart

Quality Control

Design Development

Technical Links

Programme Analysis


Our solutions are built to interact with your existing systems and manage in as Close to Real Time as possible.

We have designed solutions to work with leading software:


We don't want to change your existing sytems, just talk to them. We have designed interfaces for all leading CDE packages to enable analytics and workflow management.


Our Systems allow you to link the Quantities from the model with the Programme and Bill items to produce accurate 5D Information.
This capability, coupled with the other modules, provides leading ability to monitor your cash flow, progress sign offs, risk and delivery in Close to Real Time.


Providing Site Based Web Apps, we provide the 2-Way flow of information to the Site Teams.

Data Capture

  • Sign Offs
  • Inspections
  • Hold Points
  • Issues/Snags
  • Task Completions
  • Site Diaries
  • Safety Observations

  • Data Provision

  • Tasks
  • Programmes
  • Notes
  • Notifications
  • Best Practice Guides
  • Benchmark Pictures
  • So...Some "Construction IT companies" talk about 6D
    So looking at the dimensions shown....It is clear there are more Dimensions... 'X' Dimensions

    A Central Hub For your Project
    with many optional custom components

    The Right Tools for the right Staff - Each User is assigned modules, access and abilities


    Our Modules are Completely Accessible through Android and iOS, making your Mobile Workforce Empowered


    We provide Project Intranets to capture Communications, Tasks, Events, Calendars, Notes and Announcements. With the team Involved and Engaged, Information gets where it needs to - Fast.


    We need to know if things are on the up, or if we have a problem. Through smart analytics and  Construction Intelligence, We will provide the trend, the forecast and analysis in a whole range of Customisable charts.



    Planning & Production Control, Along with Lean Construction can only be delivered with tasking and monitoring. Our Ascent System, builds the Delivery reporting from the Coal Face, right to the Board Room.

    Data Management

    The KEY is a central hub of Information and a Single Source of the truth


    With the Ascent Digital Framework, we ensure that your Programmes are Managed, Reported and Controlled to Shorten the Duration between Event (Or lack of) and Action

    What is

    is the End Product for the Client - A Data Model with all Associated dimensions of their business processes and data.

    And this is really the trick - Knowing what is unique and what isnt.
    Your business is Unique... We want it to stay that way!


    Steven O'Callaghan

    BEng (Hons) PG Dip. Const. Law
    CEng Chartered Engineer

    An experienced professional Engineer with expert knowledge in construction and design, bolstering a construction law and management capability to mitigate risk and advance productivity. Extensive career experience in concrete technology, hydrology, hydraulics, pavements and IT - facilitating a data analytics approach to operations management to deliver cost- effective delivery.

    Civil Engineering Design, Structural Engineering, Programme Management, Project Planning, Contracts Consultancy, Site Management, Disputes, Systems Design

    Our workflow

    So - How will we work with your team and Where could your company be in 6 weeks? *

    We aim to Streamline and Implement, without disruption.


    Discuss Current Company Challenges, Concerns target key deliverables.



    We will closely shadow your team and assess the Processes for digitisation, with Lean Principles in mind.
    We will closely monitor duplication, rework and accuracy

    2 Weeks


    We meet the team again and agree which processes to digitise and what metrics are required.
    It is our aim to design effective process streamlining to eradicate Duplication, remove the need for data entry or typing and centralise data.



    With Active Programming and beta testing, we will develop a bespoke solution for your processes.

    4 Weeks


    We Demonstrate the active Process and Software to the team, along with a demonstration of the Dashboarding or reporting that is capable.
    We actively expect feedback and testing for a further week



    Following a consultation period, we will adapt any changes to the system and Re-Present the amendments

    6 Weeks


    The Process is not aimed at Disrupting the current workload or changing the Company Overnight.
    These changes will gradually change the processes, releasing people to concentrate on the Blockers, Challenges and Unforeseeables.


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